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Activities in Glenwood Springs

bikingWith some 26 Hikes and Trails to choose from, visitors can readily explore the beauty of the hillsides surrounding Glenwood Springs. One of Glenwood’s most popular hike is Hanging Lake. This hiking trail winds 1.2 miles up the side of a mountain, rising 1020 feet in elevation. At the top, enjoy a spectacular natural lake formed many years ago when a geological fault caused the hillside to fall away. As the nearby stream flow deposited carbonates over the fault, a rim was formed. Today the lake is 25 feet deep and as fragile and pristine as years ago. Not to be missed is Spouting Rock, which is just above Hanging Lake.

Glenwood Offers World Class Fishing. Located at the heart of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers, and near the Crystal and Frying Pan Rivers. For more information, contact the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office in Glenwood Springs at 970.947.2800 or the White River National Forest office in Glenwood Springs at 970.945.2521